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Thread: Is Broken the new Precious

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    Default Is Broken the new Precious

    Broken came in 2nd place in the last Meteorite Event. I am looking at the monster Dmg leaderboard and Broken is pretty active.

    Will Broken be the new spender that keeps the lights on in CA. Comments?

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    I always thought CA IS Broken...

    get it? bec. you know playing words of broken the player and broken like really broken.

    ok... gotta get outta here.
    for the meantime add me 5E51FD and this
    Pls do not hurt me... coz i know someone who knows someone that knows someone who can hurt you.

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    I see he finally rolled a Layla. Wonder how many rolls it took. Poor guy isn't going to have any pension left

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    Exactly, Batw. Second place, not first. He's clearly Not so Precious after all.

    Even the magical world of Valeria has proverbs. Here's a saying:
    5 billion damage a day
    Keeps the bad luck away.

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    maybe he will until he like the rest of us run out of things to do.

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    No idea of who these people are.

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    I haven't seen either movie yet, but they score high on Rotten Tomatoes.

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