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Thread: Celesta or Petrus the Elusive?

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    Default Celesta or Petrus the Elusive?

    Need use blue potions for campaign, which balanced general is worth leveling?

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    It really depends on your playstyle and i assume Oracle ones

    Aki, Annika, Bogo, Ephraline, Maalvus, Meekah, Morrigan, Muse, Hrothbeorts', Syren, Vincent, Vivian, Zarevok, to name a few.

    Chest and event only generals include Jessika, Kobo, Layla, Monkey King, Odin, Tora that qualify for good choices.
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    I don't think Celesta is worth it. Unless you use Petrus on a daily basis, I would go for Sano until level 54.

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    Don't have resource to level up 3 defensive general, was thinking use 1 of them as 3rd defensive alliance.

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    So what did you choose?

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    Bogo & Petrus the Elusive, Bogo is good for offensive and defensive, the downside is DF can be removed by spell. Petrus for defensive.

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