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Thread: Treasure Chest Nightmare - One week time limited Chest

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    I get enough refine crystals with my monthly MK promo pack.

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    Default No Succubus

    I also have an iOS account for castleage and I used the app last night to spin in the Nightmare Treasure Chest. I used a couple of 80fp rolls and I thought I received a Succubus but I received a kilgore. I will attach my screenshots for verification.

    Patrick Michael Millard

    trying to figure out how to get a screenshot in here.
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    Got two free chest spins from MK promo pack.

    Both spins resulted in junk. Now, I have no regrets from this chest. Lol.

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    I had 9 spins and received all Common. I used two free rolls and spent 190 FPs for the other 7. Disappointing cash grab from the devs.

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    Only a couple of hours left to get your 0.5% chance (or less) for Layla for each $5 of FP!

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    1 refine and 1 agg pot.

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    I used the 900 FP in my iOS account... [* see below]

    Got 5 Kilgore
    4 Angelica
    1 Gabrielle

    So, those 33 spins were totally worth it...

    But I did get an uncommon and 2 common with 80FP on the regular account.
    2star Angelica is fierce.

    Still gives me a chuckle to see the same trolling from the same people acting like the stated values are actual drop rates...

    [* the last time I tried to make a FP purchase I did it on my phone, was signed in to my main account, but inexplicably the FP went to the other account. That was when Apple refunded me and told me not to make another purchase until the game was fixed...]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Wimsta View Post
    ...acting like the stated values are actual drop rates...
    Not sure what you mean. Do you mean they think those are guaranteed drop rates, rather than just % chances per spin?

    I did the math when this came out, and buying favor points in the best possible packages with free spin deals, one could spend $360 and still have had only a 50/50 chance at Layla.

    For that money, I could have 100% chance at SIX top quality, complete, console video games. ;-D
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    Am I the only one that was actually kinda surprised when this 'Limited Time' event actually ended?

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    Was I super lucky to land a common memnon on 31 free rolls span? Or is this the power that free rolls have (the power of chest clearing).

    I also got two night mare succubus and a eternal elastria with in the 31 spins. One Adriana, one kilgore and 3star angelica from common wirh a +1 clone. Uncmmon ellin. mhhhh.

    Does layla enhance solar ?

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