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Thread: What is the ideal set of equipment for a Defensive Alliance?

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    I would think not. I try to maximize both atk and def using multiple (all 20 filled and not enough) loadouts. Helm I use elite retribution helm in def loadouts with an epic gem and silver, atk I use the Helm of dragon god +40/+40 unless cleric mode and need my health rune. Even atk gems can have value in def items if they accept an atk item like Thanatos Guantlet I have offensive gem but it has a rare +7% to base def.

    Tricky decision for me is primary weapon and Armor/plate. Do I keep a weapon in def mode? Usually as a defensive weapon does not have much resist and I lose my atk rune.
    Its difficult as one progresses as you may use a rune (good one) on a tier one item only to regret it a couple months later.

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    best defensiv gear ingame(and it is free): mini account(just call it an "new" ios device,then multi accounts is ok) to to use guardian on you only need to use a month time max on it to start been us full ;-)
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