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Thread: new monsters/new seasons in battle

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    Default new monsters/new seasons in battle

    events are fin. but lets face it they are only in the game to make money. not to please the players. lets look at why players join events: to improve their toons and why do players improve their toons? to become better at monster hunting and/or battles.
    i and many other p2p players have reached a point where their is no more reasons to hunt old monsters (have gained what was possible from them) i/we have monster hunting general alliance just sitting and collecting dust.(because in events it is not damage based just stamina based,so might as well hit whit monkey king in events)
    same goes for battles, rewards are collect. and nothing new in them. if not releasing new seasons, might i suggest that battles are split up in two ligas: 1 for those playing old school(1 account=1player) and 1 for those that like to multi-account/pws. (they can even see who switch accounts fastes,make it a game with in the game it self,for those that like that sort of thing).
    the point be that whit no new monsters/battles players lose the point of improving/doing events,because why improve youre monster hunter generals whit nothing to hunt? and why improve battle generals if nothing new happens on that front?

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    i miss many past event monster tat help improve IA , like Subcubbus or chonus ice/fire , wish it can be unlock as event , perhaps twice a year
    we are looking active player , we own 5 LOM each day to max crystals.wood.iron + 15% monster damage\essence trading bonus for you.

    wall post my profile if you wish to join guild.

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