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Thread: Do chaos gems affect general's ability or only stats

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    Default Do chaos gems affect general's ability or only stats

    Do chaos gems, which give a percentage boost to an aggressive / defensive / balanced general, affect the generals's ability, or only the stats? For example, an x% boost to an aggressive general like Dolomar only enhances his stats, or also his native critical ability by some percentage?

    I know I can just have an item equipped with a gem and change loadouts and see the difference, and I do see it in the stats, but not in associated ability (but I don't trust it, since , even in the normal course of things, the window which previews a level up of a general, for some reason in web3, shows the general, like monkey king, to have the same percentage of token spend evasion, on the next level, as on the current one, whereas I know it should increase by 0.05% in most, probably all, cases).


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    I believe it is only a stat enhancement. I've never heard of the heroes' abilities being increased as well.
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    Stats only

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    I see. Thank you, both, for your answers. Make some decisions easier.

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    Only if the generals are Sonic & Knuckles.

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