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Thread: New iPhones are announced - 4 form factor is dead

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    Default New iPhones are announced - 4 form factor is dead

    I loved my 5S and kept it as long as I could. I jumped right away to the SE.

    I like the 4 iPhone because it fits one hand.

    Really not happy with XS, XS Max or XR announced today. May have to buy an iPhone 8 to keep things small & portal.

    Btw, I am not a big fan of Face ID and really liked Touch ID.

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    One of the best parts (for me) of the 5S or SE was that the phone only weighs about 4 ounces.

    These newer iPhones have bigger screens and weigh 6 ounces or more. The problem with bigger screens is the need for bigger batteries and thus the weight goes up. Then there’s the weight of a case so it adds up.

    I am going to wait until the XR comes out to decide and was surprised the X did not return for this year (at a $100 discount per Apple’s existing policy of discounting old phones).

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    Time to stop buying every new phone anyway?

    Every new phone = bigger screen, bigger price tag, and something deleted. Be it the home button or the earphone jack, they are actually charging you more to remove stuff.

    On top of that, each phone is thinner with more glass and less metal. Equals more likely to break and more expensive to fix when it does break.

    Yeah. Keep rocking that old phone.
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    I just checked out the refurbished iPhones. Only the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. The cheapest one is $379, which is a good deal since it comes with a one year warranty and new battery! It will let me try out the 4.7” screen without paying too much for a new iPhone 8 ($599 for 64GB). $379 is like $30 a month, which isn’t too bad.

    Only problem is the base model comes with 32GB when I really could use 64GB. I don’t need 128GB since this phone should last a year — a placeholder — to see if Apple does release the new design (e.g, no home button, has notch, edge to edge screen) on a 5S/SE chassis.

    The iPhone 7 will weigh 4.87 ounces, which is more than I want.

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    Best among the worst is attracting bots here ?

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    Best among the worst is attracting bots here ?
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    I've had 4 inch phones, and now, uh, 5.7 ? inch phone. I prefer the bigger one. One-handed handling is a bit tougher perhaps, but I don't use my phone much in public transport, etc, where I'd have a hand busy, and when I do it's for something simple (like answering the phone). On the other hand when I use the phone to look something up online (or play Castle Age ), the bigger screen sure helps.
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    This 18,000mAh battery has a phone in it

    Maybe this new phone is more to everyone's liking but it isn't 4inch. If you want that, buy a flip phone. :P
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