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Thread: Special Chjest - what is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elandal View Post
    Clearly you don't know the power of energy build
    There have been others in the past. First Meteorite was extra special as quests counted too. Too good for energy builds of course.
    I think Broken has more going on than just an energy build

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    With less than 24 hrs remaining

    That same 73 GM is now ranked #1,048

    I am guessing 120 GM to be the bubble for top 1,000 players.

    Btw, bubble is a Poker term.

    “In a poker tournament, the bubble is the point in the tournament at which the next player out will not win any money, but the rest of the players will win money or cash. In other words, if the tournament pays out the top 27 players, when there are 28 people left, they are on the bubble. That unfortunate player knocked out in 28th is said to be knocked out "on the bubble," or to be the bubble and have been bubbled.“

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    With the following
    I am gonna have to spend a lot of energy just to alchemize the greens, but whatever. I think I will run out of pots and FP's with around 6-7 hours to go, so gonna catch up on sleep while precious wipes the board. Prolly gonna finish in top 75 I think.

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    Just finished soloing a Varg

    92 GM is now at #655

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