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    Hi all. I'm a veteran player who's back in the business. What did I miss? Anything important?
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    Depends on how long you are away.

    Under new management the game have monthly limited time events like:

    Meteorite: collect rocks to alchemize golden meteorites. At end of event your rank and prizes are based on how many golden meteorites you have.
    Flipped: like meteorite, but with flowers.
    Treasure Island: you get treasure chests to spin for prize, at 200 spins you gain top prize.
    Deathmatch: arena
    Dominion: it is pvp crap
    Caverns of Time: you beat monsters in a similar way dungeon was.
    World monster: twice a day you can beat a monster for refine crystals, top hitters get an extra odin copy.

    Enhance and refine: you can use crystals to improve your gems and equipment.
    Mystic Emporium: you can buy stuff with fp and gold.

    No new seasons, only one oracle gen, a lot of short timed promos to spend money.

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    we're on season 16 for 100v100 battle! Youve missed so much

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    Do you know if they are planning on having another season anytime soon? I'm only curious if I should save my resources or go HAM on the current rewards. I don't know if I could be at 90K Contribution points before the season changes?

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    As far as the next season. I help run the unofficial castle age betting pool. Currently the best guess is that we get our next new season sometime in the twenty second century.

    I would say to go ahead and spend now. Inflation will probably make waiting not worth it and we think that the Ferangi will be the game owners by that point.
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