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Thread: Jezale or Katherine for a rogue in Keep?

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    Default Jezale or Katherine for a rogue in Keep?

    Soliciting opinions. For a rogue in Keep who would like a green defensive general, would you recommend Jezale or Katherine or some other green general?

    Katherine is a good defensive general and has the psychological advantage of a lot of players avoiding her if there are other generals to hit first. That doesn't make any difference in Keep, but might help in other areas.

    Jezale is obviously a rogue's general, but being in Keep, is the extra evade helpful? I suppose the extra evade might be helpful during a Mist land defense or a classic battle, but we only do one classic battle/week, on tripe coin days. It would also help complete an evade campaign task, although getting 100 evades on easy mode seems difficult enough, I can't imagine getting 200 on hard mode.

    Mostly looking at favor pt. generals, as I don't roll chests often enough to count on getting any specific one, much less ever getting a chest general to two or more stars.


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    if youre in keep you do not need any defence generals,lol if opponent gets to keep you 99.9% f..k anyway. but i will say jezale if you have to pick one. she raise youre evade. and prevents you from taking damage that way. put katy is the best all around def. general and you might lose youre spot in keep to some health tank alt warrior at some point
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    best green gen for rogues is aethyx

    but if you want one of the two you've chosen, its jezale

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    I'm not the best strategist, so take this with a grain of salt...

    For a passive rogue defense, I almost always put Jezale and a pierce-resistant general (usually Katherine) in alliance. If Jezale is the main, you could also go with Ravendor, Kendra, Zolthar, or Erynion as a secondary ally.

    For the third general, I use Deshara if I want play Jezale with some offense, or Daphne if I want pure defense.

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    Oh, for some reason I assumed Aethyx was a red attack general, but he's green. Something else to consider now.

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