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    Starting to be a little more active looking for war clan
    LVL 476
    ATT 1541
    DEF 3050

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    my guild do battles daily, its in my sig. pink panthers! join pink panther, we are small but very friendly

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    .-WE-. has positions available. We are active in almost every Guild Battle throughout the day. We are currently a Platinum Rank in 100v100. We also have several Gold/Plat./Vanguard Rank 10v10 groups. If you are interested, we are currently looking for 5-10 members. We also have active members in Guild Chat and actively try to help members achieve the full experience from the game.

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    if you was live in asia time zone , we will best fit you
    we are looking active player , we own 5 LOM each day to max crystals.wood.iron + 15% monster damage\essence trading bonus for you.

    wall post my profile if you wish to join guild.

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    Knights of the Jedi Temple is an active Vanguard 100 battling guild - we face the lowest guilds in average level. Active battlers and welcome, in ones or in groups.

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