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Thread: How long do monsters linger in other people's monster lists?

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    Question How long do monsters linger in other people's monster lists?

    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find the answer. I'm sure someone more Forum savvy than I will probably find the answer lickety-split.

    How long will one of my monsters that I've made public stay in someone else's monster list after the monster has died?

    I'm working on specific monsters. I summon them, and once I get my damage in then I make them public.

    Once they're dead and the cooldown period has passed and they finally leave my feed then I summon a new one. However, what I notice is that other folks are right back in those monsters without me having CTA'd or made them public.

    I mean, whatever. As long as I can get my damage in then it's okay. The problem I have is when those early attackers don't heal or whatnot.

    I presume they're able to pop into my newly summoned monsters because either they've copied my monster code and constantly do a public search (which I doubt) or because my old monster never left their feed once it died and my newly summoned monster automatically shows up as active in their monster list.

    If it's the later, then how long after the cooldown period ends must I wait before summoning a monster to ensure that people can't enter it before I CTA and/or make public?

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    Thanks. I also posted in the thread that you referenced. The folks who are entering my monsters early, seem to be in all of my Valhalla's early. So I presume that even though the cooldown period has passed and the monster left my List -- thus allowing me to summon another one, it must not leave other people's feeds. Then when I summon a new one it probably just pops to the top of their feed.

    I was just curious if there was a set period of time after a cooldown ended in which the monster would leave everyone else's feed so that they couldn't just pop right into my newly summoned monster.

    I'm just going to presume "No". So I guess I'll have to just deal. That being said, I got the rest of the the items from Valhalla that I needed for Aetherfury, so I don't have a need to summon them any longer. We'll see how it goes with my next monsters....


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    if you summon a monster in same class eg valhalla =epic world, so a cronus would work; then if your monster invaders dont hit the cronus it throws them out of the next summon, so they wont see your next valhalla. this works , as long as they are not bookmarking your monster links

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