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Thread: iOS Account Dissappeared

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    my prob is solved - created 13.Aug my ticket - 17.Aug was solved - today have i changed the pw, just reached my office

    thanks a lot again for the great support.

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    So, did that allow your IOS login to work vs crusader login?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooljledge View Post
    My iOS account is not there. acts like I am a new player. Am daily player. Anyone else having this issue? I deleted and reinstalled still same issue.
    It took 13 days but I have my account back. Had to provide an email and sign on. But it doesn't appear I have lost anything but 13 days of progress, 13 daily spins, 13 days collecting gold......

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    Quote Originally Posted by danellem View Post
    So, did that allow your IOS login to work vs crusader login?
    They created a crusader account for my IOS only account. So yes, support do reply to emails, they do fix your issue. (some may take more time)
    I can use the Castle Age button with my new crusader account (email) and updated password (you got to do this thru More -> Castle Age Account).
    But to answer danellem, you cannot use the IPhone Button (which was the reason i played this toon after changing phone).

    As they replied to my question:
    "We cannot create an iPhone login for you at the moment. The team is currently working on a fix for this issue. Please use the Castle Age Login option for the time being until a fix is applied. Please confirm that you are able to login to your iOS device using the Castle Age login option."

    So i can play, but not enjoying the Easy Access button anymore. Quite unhappy about it, but i guess i will sit waiting on that fix.
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    so sick of this -- i did finally update the app after not being able to log in for days - it wants me to start all over - NO WAY! Can't get in to my accts - PLZ FIX THIS FAST!

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    i would like to know the same can't get into my IOS accounts - how to send ticket to customer support??

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    My iOS account is gone from the app again and it was giving me access to someone else's account again. Stunning that the devs can mess up something as simple as a unique device login multiple times, and no I have never taken the app updates. Last time it resolved itself after a few days. Not sure it will this time because when I deleted and reinstalled the app it is no longer showing me someone else's account. It is forcing me to create a new one and I can't access my FB account without doing so (I have not done so yet).

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    Okay, so an update was released sometime today that “optimized” the log-in process. Nothing posted in game on the app, Web3 or here in the forum as to what is supposed to happen with this update for “optimizing” the log-in process but the update comes with an enhancement for buying mysterious items. Haven’t checked that out yet as players’ concerns are RESOLVING the problem with the iOS login error where players either got totally new accounts or the mysterious account that belongs to some phantom player named Miller. One would think this update resolved the problem. BUT, that didn’t happen!! Instead the CA log-in screen now has a “Save Password” option with a checkbox so you don’t have to type in your password every time you have to log-in to your Crusader account just to play. REALLY?!?

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    I will pipe up and say I still can not login using facebook, but really appreciate not having to type in the password each I switch the accounts, not a bad compromise

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