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Thread: new CA glitch

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    Default new CA glitch

    there is a new CA glitch. i just discover it last few days.

    supposedly mpool:2 monsters (old serpents, dragons, etc.) are separate from mpool:101 monsters (thanatos, asta, varg, etc), which you should be able to summon both types of monsters at the same time.

    however, the new CA glitch cross over between mpool:2 monsters with mpool:101. CA think the 2 types of monsters are the same, and you can no longer summon both types at the same time. even the monsters codes for each type, is not longer working correctly. for example, if you look up a mpool:2 monster (serpent), you might get a mpool:101 monster (asta).

    this glitch might be the reason why CA is losing some monsters (monsters disappearance for no reason) such as varg, phantom shadow, etc.

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    Thank you for reporting this. I will send it in to the team so they can take a look.

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