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Thread: TI - WTF - drop rate drastically different?

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    still waiting to finish that damn atlantis quest =_= that maps drop rate zz or maybe i just suck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Batw View Post
    1. You gave us 3 important data points: Dmg, drops, and time.

    2. It is no coincidence that you got 1 drop per 2K stamina within the first 2-3 days of the Event since drops are especially good on the first day (note a number of people share this view).

    3. When a person is getting 1 drop per 5K or stamina, he doesn’t want to hear others are getting 1 drop per 2K stamina. Misery loves company but that person can’t have company if people are doing (way) better than him.
    How do I have to tell you, I had feelings, not concrete calculations in my hand. Whatever.
    And you forget that 10B was the cumulative of two days and half of hunting, thus since your theory is that first days rate is higher BUT you don't know how much of that 10B happened on first day, you can't say how sh**** was the rate on tuesday. Period.

    Just to make it clear once and for all on my thoughts.
    For developers: this whole combo of terrible chances feels totally uncomfortable. Everyone is saying that, not even I will say the opposite.
    For players: "I want it all I want it now and for free" doesn't work on this game. If you wanted to be stronger in atk/def then you have to surrender to big rewards from these events unless you pay. If you can get the rewards easily, you surrendered in the past to have decent stats.
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