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Thread: I just finished all the quests...what next

  1. Default I just finished all the quests...what next

    And it only took me 7 years!

    So next, what are other people spending the energy on?

    The way i see it is i have the following options;

    1/ Excavation quests, not a good use of energy for leveling
    2/ Use up all my essence, but as a monster hunter/leveller apart from attack essence this isnt much use to me
    3/ Keep hitting the 20/35 Land Of Water quest, but with almost 3000 energy thats 150 clicks
    4/ Work out the next best quest that would require a lot less clicks, something like a 75/120 quest?
    5/ Keep moaning in the forums until they add some more "coming soon" lands
    6/ Keep healing monsters, again not a good return on energy expended

    I dont think any of these (apart from healing monsters and excavation)would give experience to the generals either

    Unless i am missing something thats all i can think of, what do other people do when they finish all the quests?

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    What was your original goal for having 3K energy in the first place?

    I knew at lvl 300 that one day I would finish my quests and then use Energy for excavations and engineer conquest path. I am busy building bigger Runes. The excavations also help level my generals.

    For us to give you a good answer, we need to know what you want (e.g. what is the goal of your toon) and what you are willing to give up to reach your goals.

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    For #4, try the subquest “Jumps Ledges” in Outer Realms / Misty Cliffside quest. It’s 132 XP for 86 Energy.

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    You are leaving apart the Engineer path items. Which are also expensive in terms of energy, so I do understand why many don't actually want to even start it.
    Did you also go for all the items you can farm on Atlantis II? There are some alchemies that give useless rings coming with more useful skill points (the Skill points part is not written in the alchemy list, you discover that by completing the alchemy or on Wikia), + Helm of the Deep for item archives.
    But again, going for Helm of the Deep will make you level up slower.

    I don't say you have to abuse of Cefka 20/35 but also I don't think it's so negative to abuse of it. Just keep in mind that sometimes it may save you from using another refill to level up instantly, which may come useful in events for instance. You said to be monster hunter/leveller so this should fit you.
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    Thanks for all the replies, very useful, i forgot about the engineering path when writing the list, but its something i always had at the back of my mind to use the energy on once i had completed the quests. I may do a few to hopefully get some long hanging skill points, but the energy required would make my levelling way too slow and i would miss out on a lot of monster drops.

    I suppose the goal for my character is to do more damage monster hunting to get the legendary gear.

    I suspect i will end up using the jump ledges quest after trying all the other options, for me levelling every 2 days, rather than every 3 or 4 days is important to do a lot of single monster damage.

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    Nether Vortex excavation in Perdition gives crystals for alchemy that gives sp. Max 25sp there, so they won't take long.
    Atlantis quests give items for ring alchemies that also give sp. If you haven't done them all yet (most people did one or two easy ones at first, some maybe third one as well, fourth likely not until done with quests), that's some more. Also, the helm you can alchemy with mostly drops from those quests is in archives, allowing again small bonus to those with plenty of energy.

    If you aren't doing guild battles, then hth essence might not be worth anything. For anyone doing guild battles, it's very valuable. Also, excavation quests give 10xp/ene for generals, thus being an efficient way to level them.

    If you're worried only about leveling speed, you should hit hard during events that have Monkey King general available. Also Legendary Chest as MK is one of the generals in it.

    If you're monster hunter / leveler and far enough to be done with quests with no more than 3kene tank, don't you have enough stam to do any single monster at once when you're at full stam? So if your leveling slows down (it will, even for monster hunters, as they grow in levels) just means you hit some monsters when you level, then take it easy for a day or two, and once you again have enough stam & ene to level go hit more monsters so you do level and then more with the levelup refill stam? That is, the higher your level, the higher the gap of xp needed after spending all levelup stam & ene, so the longer the time you have to wait, but with more stam & ene gained from level you can hit more monsters after levelup than you could a thousand levels before.
    I don't think I've heard of many monster hunters who wouldn't hit monsters at once with their stam, needing more than a single tank to do their damage.

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    Depending on your lvling rate, if doing 20/35 brings you closer to it, it will take you rougly a couple of minutes fast clicking the quest again button to spend your energy. You could plan your lvl up to reach excess of energy to gain XP into the next lvl by fortifyng a monster wit a 3X100 hit or 3X200, or wait to reach exactly the needed energy for XP to do some engineering path.
    Trading essence for runes depending on your campaign will probably mean less clicks on 20/35.

    I spend 22k energy in 20/35 twice a day at least, you can get used to fast clicking that button if it will help you level faster to hit more monsters. The only thing you will have to decide is if you will keep adding to energy to speed up your leveling or stamina to hit more each lvl, and rely on Item Archives bonuses and runes for increasing the rest of your stats.

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    22K energy is not really the amount of energy for a player who took 7 years to finish quests
    Doing so much use of Cefka is doable, there are some situations though where you really don't want to go for it:
    -using a mobile device or wherever you are forced to use fingers instead of a mouse (if you press too quickly with your finger, you end up doing zoom in & out on the page)
    -some browsers (for instance, I find myself better with Firefox rather than Chrome or Edge, for this massive clicking)
    -on FB platform. Being a sub-quest of the 4th realm, you may trigger anytime that situation where you can win or not a low-stats soldier. This won't happen on web3/4.

    These considerations may also help you to decide what to do in certain situations.

    Even the magical world of Valeria has proverbs. Here's a saying:
    5 billion damage a day
    Keeps the bad luck away.

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    I want to bump this because it's useful and I'm coming up to it ... thanks for posting

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    I like the Engineer Path idea, though, I'm nowhere near that point.

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