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That makes a lot of sense. I would never bother going for an Unbind stone as I have no legendary gems nor do I have the spare cheddar to go after that many Phantoms. However, if they had different unbind stones for different level gems (why stop at Legendary and Epic, might as well make Rare and Common unbind stones too) it would give people of varying build types the opportunity to use a feature that is for all practical purposes not available to them.

Also I have to admit to agreeing with BATW, this is a terrible poll. This thread is the equivalent of having a sign out front of your house saying "FREE KITTENS" and then not actually having any free kittens to give away, just a 15 year old stray cat that happens to be hanging out on your back porch.
Well at least the stray cat is free! could be charging $$1000 for a stray "himilayan