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Thread: Should I buy Mirror Image for LoM War Defense?

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    Default Should I buy Mirror Image for LoM War Defense?

    Background: I rarely play Mage. In Achievements page, I have over 70K WW but 912 Poly’s & 317 Confuse’s. We have a squishy 901+ defender that gets hit non-stop so I am tired of playing Cleric and healing him. I was thinking of using Illusion / Mirror Image.

    - Will Mirror Image work as an effective deterrent?

    Btw, I am 700+ lvls above the squishy defender and I suspect the attackers are high BSI players with lots of Pierce that want an easy 50 conquest point per token. I predict the attackers are probably lvl 600 to 1K and I have no problem bouncing them since my Resist is high.

    Any constructive feedback is appreciate. Mirror Image would cost be 7,500 GC so it’s an expensive skill to get. Thanks.

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    I think Mirror Image is pretty useless and expensive.

    I'd rather tell the guildmate to stop being squishy.

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    Mirror image is pretty lame, and doesn't really last past the first few actions be they offensive or defensive.
    It's a way for mages to get defense points but it's not going to save a tower.....

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    Mirror isn't an effective deterrent for protecting other people in Mist. People who fail on the top 901+ squishy just go down and hit the next 901+ squishy. If the 901+ squishy joins the land before you, you still don't get hit.

    Having a high-health warrior with Guardian would seem to be more suitable for such a situation.
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    mirror image makes the caster ie you, look like the mirrored target, so no use at all for protecting anyone in any gate, battle or anything.

    the only use for it that i have found is if i happen to be a mage in lom/loe and need to get lom/loe points, as it is more likely to give better points than Magic barrier. magic barrier is at best guess only 50% success rate, Mirror image will be better as long as you would normally get a major heal on the target.

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    In our guild, some low level mages (lvl < 300) use mirror image to pretend other 901+ guild mates.
    The purpose is not to protect others, just lower the conquest points the enemies to get.
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