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Thread: and so the end begin

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansa View Post
    think you need to have comment on x no. of posts before you are able to creat you own. think x= 10
    5 responses before one can create a new thread
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    People say they quit games all the time. Reality is, often they rage quit... but still play... and often still buy. I don’t know O, nor if he is still playing or if others play his acct. But, people quit and go back to games all the time.

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    How the hell Can you Quit This game,
    when all the games for this genre is dead, Except Castle age

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansa View Post
    that is proberly the problem lets say that maybe if lucky 10% of the player base p2p with around 15000-20000 players left in the game(again not aktiv account but players) that is 1500-2000 paying custemers and even most of them are only using money on promo's. so wenn a big whale stops buying devs. can feel it st8 away. so maybe just maybe about time to start giving players what they really wants(new monster new seasons etc.) instead of cash grap events and 6* generals packs(p2p account do not need to improve monster genrals as they have no goals left on old monster as example/no need to improve gb genrals as they have no price to win anymore in old seasons)
    There is a catch though.

    If Gaea gave us just what we wanted (and yes, I agree that we need more actual content) then that 10% that is still spending might not be enough to keep the game profitable after all the expenses have been taken into account.

    Realistically speaking the only way the game can go forward is if Gaea does something about the bleeding out of players. We need more players to get a stronger 10% of spenders who can create a higher revenue. To be fair, Gaea has -tried- to create a new influx of players by adding the "create an alt" "recruit a friend feature". The sad truth is though that CA is outdated in terms of UI, it's over complicated, it's not properly targeting mobile platforms (besides iOS but even that is up for debate if I have to believe what I read at times), cheating has run out of control, performance is in the drain, and those are just the top few issues. There is very little reason for people to actually try CA let alone stick with playing it if they do try it.

    IMHO Gaea would have to re-invent CA for all that to happen. Of course Gaea might deem the game not worth the investment which kind of brings us back to square one.

    The game needs investing to get a stronger player base while Gaea likely doesn't see it worth the investment until we have a stronger player base.
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