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    Is there any way to refuse army requests in the game? I have been in a dated with over 50 requests in the last two days out of nowhere. My army is 1739 as it is, and short of Discord, I have not posted my main army number. I already accepted and dumped 25, now 50 more I don't need....
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    Why would you want to reject them? Why not just click the "Accept All" button and not worry about it? As far as I know, having more army doesn't slow down the game or hurt anything.

    Also, I think the game made a change. Multiple people seem to have the same army code. Sometimes, when I try to add an army code, it seems to send two invites instead of one. It might be possible that someone else has your same army code and is advertising the code and both of you are now getting all the requests.
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    I believe it was Discord that is the cause of the influx. Cleaned a post up may relive it. Most of the army requests are in the 300+ levels, and I only accept hi levels in my army at or near my own level. My micro mini cause members, but the main has no need of additional troops, only the occasion Bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falco View Post
    Why would you want to reject them? Why not just click the "Accept All" button and not worry about it?
    There are no attack buttons on people's keep if they are in your army. That along should be enough to not accept them once you reach 1200. Besides, once you accept someone, they have a permanent direct link to you and you might want to avoid that (if someone unknown wants my link, at least he/she will have to take note of it and carry an excel or alike)

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    if you have ever posted your army link anywhere, chances are someone helpful/unhelpful will have added it to a page somewhere, and youll get army requests forever.

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