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Thread: Guild Rewards- Banners locked

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    Good Afternoon

    Some of my guild members have hit the 50K mark, some the 70K mark in Guild rewards and find the Banners still locked.

    Is there something we are guid officers can do? What is causing this issue?


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    In order to obtain the banners your guild also needs to be ranked in Alpha Vanguard rank.

    Is your guild in that rank?
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    Obvious follow up question 1: Where do I look to see our rank?

    Obvious follow up question 2: So, with out looking, I am guessing we are not AV. How does one achieve that? I thought we not longer had the win 3 battle out of 5 to stay, move up in ranking. I remember having to get to a ranking in order to buy Delinara/Festival Sword, back in the day.

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    Guild > Battle Management > 100 vs 100

    That's the Vanguard symbol.
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    Okay, so we be Platinum. Time to win a few Guild Battles.

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    The last 4 to 6 pages (20 rankings per page) of Alpha 100v rankings are highly volatile and a guild can switch by from being in Alpha to top 20 or 40 in Platinum within one or two days of battling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pezhistory View Post
    Okay, so we be Platinum. Time to win a few Guild Battles.
    Falco explained this best a few years ago. The most points your guild can get per battle is 100 and that is based on all your defenders surviving (e.g. over 200 health) and all your enemy defenders zeroed out or less than 200 health.

    So for your guild to advance to Vanguard, you have to win ON AVERAGE more points per battle than guilds ahead of your guild, respectively. The higher the rankings, the more active the guilds so you might hit a wall. The good news is some of the guilds ranked high in Platinum may have closed shop so you can pass these dormat guilds.

    Good luck getting into Alpha rankings.
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    When I joined this guild in Jan 2108, it was ranked in the top 300 in Platinum. Today, we are ranked in the top 200 of Platinum and climbing.

    We try to get as many points as possible against dormat guilds. It’s all about body bags when fighting dormat guilds.

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