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Thread: no problems with bots and scripts in this game

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    Default no problems with bots and scripts in this game

    lol see this far too often to be funny
    Capture_ca bots1.JPG

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    Who ever said bots and scripts weren't a problem? They have been for years.
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    During the deathmatch, some people were commenting such.

    It's a lot worse now btw. I've been around a fair few years and only in the last 12 months has it been so obvious (not the first time I've seen a page like this). In a previous job as an mod/investigator for another game - which had a lot more users - if I saw a picture like this it would mean one of two things - farming for resources - which doesn't apply in this game as you can't trade - and training up accounts in order to sell them.

    What this sort of thing says to me is that this game is on the way out, because this is what new players will see. You're not going to see this at the top end as these will all be F2P accounts grinding to gain something worthwhile to sell for a profit. But at the end of the game which would see growth or "the future" - this is what there is. And this is probably why one company after another are looking to shift the game onwards. They've realised there is nothing they can do, as well as there is no point in trying to do anything.

    But I guess it is now accepted and it is what it is.

    Oh and why I posted? Because the game ground to a halt earlier, with no reason that could be blamed (no mass battles scheduled and no events running). But... lo and behold all these accounts appear on the conquest duel list at exactly that time. I suggested in the deathmatch thread that this was the primary cause of the blue spinning circles, and it would appear that is spot on.
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    Thats just an army of 100FP "friends" on their way to level 500, lol......

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    actually having a guild of a lot of little toons has several purposes, (a) you can use them to hit down a mist land from 1000 actions to 0 actions very fast, we had 7 guilds that used to do that, havent looked though in a long time..

    Also they can be in a guild that makes lands for another guild...

    also they can be used with that new friends feature to help a bunch of bigger toons

    they can be army for toons that need army

    probably another dozen things, all of which can be done manually.

    The toons are too small for doing a whole lot though... Ive seen batches of them that are like 50,000 health and can actually defend a land too

    and they can be a real headache for the person that has to manage each toon...
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    I donīt know where you took this pic from, maybe your alt account? Because I have been trying several times there is no way I can get a list full of aeris and army one. Mine looks always completely normal.

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    Actually now I thought about it I made a similar post a few years ago but seems the screenshot was lost. So it's unlikely for the friend FP thingy.

    yes it is my alt, you'd have to be in the lower level range to get that to pop up. And it usually only happens when the game is being glitchy (or maybe it's when the accounts have just been scripted before being killed). Anyway, the devs could easily find these accounts if they wanted and check it out for themselves.

    Funny how the responses have changed a few years later though

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    FPs are always a likely motivation. Alts for the sole purpose of summoning serpents made some guilds famous.
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    Low-level Alts to keep the Guilds Average Toon level in a specific range so that they get specific monsters in LoM is a possibility. If you have a fairly high-level main that you play, but only want to deal with Serps and Orc Band in Conquest to try to maximize crystals, then you're going to need a lot of Level 1's to keep your Guild Average down.
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    Many low level alts to defend lands for easier land swapping when going into defense.
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