This question was inspired by one of the replies on how long CA would be around. I can't help but think that it has stagnated. It's still alive but am I the only one that has treated this game as somewhat a time-killer?

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First off... "mid level" is a tad relative. ;]

That said, I think that we might not be seeing a lot of mid level players anymore because for a long time now new players have had no incentive to stick around.

I mean....

1. The game is a grind on all levels.

It really doesn't matter what you are after. One constant in this game is that the longer you play, the longer the grinds get unless you are willing to pay in which case it becomes the longer you play the more money you have to spend. Obviously the really good stuff needs to be difficult to obtain but more can be done to have gear between monster loot and the best of the best that comes after a bazillion monsters.

2. The game is over complicated.

Those who started in the early days grew with the game and got each change as it came. New players do get gated a little bit but in the end still have to deal with everything more or less at once. For those who think that it's not so bad, here is a fun exercise. When the game started the way the game determined the outcome of a PvP duel hit was to take your combined (stats+general+gear) attack and defense and pitted those against the stats of your opponent (1 * A + 0.7 * D against 1 * D + 0.7 A). Just for fun, try and think about what is involved in doing that same duel hit today. When you have that, try and imagine explaining that to someone in a way that takes the least amount of explaining. Good luck!

3. The game has very poor guidance into game features.

This game has been lacking in proper help sections, tutorials, etc. Tutorials.... do they even exist? Help sections exist but those help sections that do exist may be outdated. Something that isn't helping is that help sections are scattered throughout the game rather than have them in one place. It makes it a pain to go over them for accuracy. It also makes it a pain for new players to look up certain information that they may need. The best place for information remains a third party source which is not how it should be. Third party sources such as wikis are great for providing in depth information but should -not- be needed just to learn how to play or to find basic information on the game.

4. A lack of mid level players has existing mid level players fighting low or high levels, neither one are fun.

Kind of a chicken and egg story here but without enough mid level players the existing ones either stomp the little players or bounce the large ones. Providing either an experience that isn't challenging or an experience that is impossible. We always keep saying that you should be competitive with those around your own level. But what if there are barely any players in your level range? A game that isn't challenging will quickly be abandoned.

5. The game demands a huge investment to even be remotely competitive.

Time or money. You will need lots of either one and preferably lots of both. Thankfully one can skip some stuff now a days but you still need a lot of either time or money. Especially the daily blessings are something that a new player will -never- overcome. Being able to "buy" strength in the form of IA helps but for most people IA will be a slowly growing thing with the higher amount of points (chest IA) out of range for them. A lot of people will be scared off by the prospect of taking forever or spending a fortune just to become mediocre.

6. The game lacks -real- short term goals.

This has actually become a somewhat personal gripe. While the game has plenty of long term goals, this game has -always- lacked real short term goals. We have achievements, which are likely the shortest goals in the game for the most part but they are one time deals. Then we have campaigns that are the next shortest at two weeks but depending on how much is spent and how poorly your campaign turns out they may leave you feeling like you got very little accomplished at the end of the two weeks. (Someone who can get all of the top 6 goals done all the time still needs 10 weeks to get 1 gem which may or may not be crap) Something that I'm seeing in other games is daily goals that change per day and offer small rewards for completing them. I think that it's a great way to reward people for actually playing the game, it can engage them in content that they would normally not touch (anymore), and the small rewards can help to take down the drag a bit. People will feel less encouraged to keep playing if it feels like they are rarely getting anything done.

That is just off the top of my head and doesn't even mention the obvious cheating and technical issues plaguing the game.

The gaming world has changed, CA has not. As much as I can agree that we need more players, we won't get them unless the game can evolve to today's gaming world standards and can provide proper in game guidance for new players.
So apart from favor points for accomplishing tasks, isn't it time that CA offered real-life perks like commissions for referrals?
I know it sounded a little like desperate but CA is an actual product that might be profitable on the end of the players too.

The only other solution I could think of other than affiliate links would be merchandise. Like mugs and t-shirts via TeeSpring.