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Thread: Take Stamina Mission out of Campaign Missions

  1. Default Take Stamina Mission out of Campaign Missions

    The mission that requests you to use 1500 stamina on siege weapons is just meaningless. Spending that much stamina without any benefits. Who is using siege weapons nowadays? It has no use. Please change it to something else. It can be :

    1- Use 1500(or make it 2000) stamina attacking on a specific monster at one time(meaning use at least 1500 or 2000 stamina on a monster in conquest or public list or personally summoned)
    2- Use 1500 stamina in dueling or invading or war.

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    yup replace it with energy missions like heal 3000 energy on monsters instead of 1500 stamina on siege weapons.

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    I would think it's just thrown in there as a negative roll for your chaos gem , as I would think not all of your tasks shouldn't be easy or reasonable for the difficulty of the gem you will earn, you know just the good old curve ball.

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