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Thread: Using monster pictures already in game for new monsters

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    Default Using monster pictures already in game for new monsters

    The game has a lot of unique pictures it could recycle with out breaking lore. For example, the cave of wonders quest harbors the ice beast! Iíd show the picture but well... just visit it in game. That monster would be pretty awesome picture for a new monster. I donít feel the lore ever says it dies, but you simply fight it.

    Are there other imaged in the game that could make for awesome monster pictures to fight?

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    I don't really read the lore at all in castle age but to recycle old monsters would be cool and give them a new look maybe , might not be too much work to just use an item on the corpse of a monster or whatever with a "Rebirth Stone" from an entirely new boss they could add in the game on old monsters they choose for that format for improved loot or better refinement items/gems. I don't think at all that it would mess with the lore of the game.

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