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Thread: Where do I go in the app to buy heroes?

  1. Default Where do I go in the app to buy heroes?

    Where do I go within the app to buy heroes? I canít seem to find a button or place anywhere?

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    There are three main types of "heroes": quest heroes, favor generals, and alchemy heroes.

    If you need a hero for questing, then just click to do the quest, and it'll take you to a screen that gives you the option to buy the hero.

    If you want a favor hero, then click the Oracle button and then scroll down and select "Favor Generals".

    Alchemy heroes can't be bought. Once you have the ingredients, you can create them from the Alchemy screen.

    There are a few generals that don't fall under those three main types, but for the most part, most people either can't get them or don't want them. If you name the specific heroes you're looking for, people can give you more details.
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