Our Treasure Island event returns tonight at 0:00 PST!

The rules are posted below:

1. 20FP for one spin, and a chance to win rare items. Lots of general upgrade materials incoming!
2. Get a free spin every 23 hours.
3. Attack monsters for a chance to win a free spin.
4. You get extra rewards when your total number of spins reaches certain milestones.
5. Each spin can increase your lucky value. The higher your lucky value, the better your reward. You are guaranteed to win the ultimate prize –“Succubus Nightmare“ when your lucky value reaches 200.
6. Lucky value will return to 0 when once you have won the ultimate prize.
7. When you reach Lucky Value of 35, you will receive Petrus the Elusive.

Treasure Island will run until 3/13 at 23:59 PST