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Thread: {{YoPing有品團}} Recruiting

  1. Smile {{YoPing有品團}} Recruiting

    We are LV24 guild which is looking active player , we own 5 LOM each day to max crystals.wood.iron and our arena bonus will grant you 15% additional bonus on monster damage\essence trading .

    our guild battle time is best fit for Asia player but our guild do come with global member around the world. We do farm guild coin when it was possible.

    This is our guild battle time ( UTC + 8 )
    ● Classic Guild battle , 17:30PM - 6:00pm start Match , Wednesday 3X coin 08:00 am
    ● 10p (09:00 / 15:00 / 21:00)
    ● 100p (06:00 / 12:00 / 18:00)

    The only requirement from our guild is , Level 600 above and you need to contribute at least 200 point of battle activity per month .
    If you are level lower then 600 we will still accept your application as long as you are a active player which commit to contribute at least 2500 battle point per month

    wall post me if you wish to join guild , thanks
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    Our slot was just full , but if you are serious player who wish to join , please just wall post me and we will make a slot for you

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    We have a free slot , wall post me if you wish to join the guild

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