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    HI this has happen to a bunch of my accounts. Were my DEMI quest have been totally finished then they are reset and my DEMI points are gone.
    I just hope my DEMI points are not needed in the future of the game. Because I had a awful lot of them on all my accounts. I will keep adding army codes to this post of my accounts this has happen to. I also like the old feature were you can just click support on the home page to write a support ticket.
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    Good news! They're not important later in the game. Even better news! You can now get all those cheap skill points and favor points again. You'll also get all the (not so great) loot. Every players dream.
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    I highly doubt devs will add more loot for higher amounts of demi-points, so I think you're safe.

    You can now earn a few free FPs easily, as LittleBrat said.
    However I don't think there is any SP to get (unless you haven't done all the demi quests, but in that case the fact that your demi points reset is annoying). Also as far as I know you can't get the loot twice. At least I checked for the "big" items like Sword of Redemption or Retribution Armor, and even though it said I got them when I reached the right demi points amount, I only ever got 1 in my inventory.

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    Now this IS a first. Someone not wanting demi-quest reset spís? 😮
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    Quote Originally Posted by adam ahman View Post
    Now this IS a first. Someone not wanting demi-quest reset spís? 😮
    As far as I know, the quests don't reset. I know they didn't for me. They are locked again when your demi points reset, and when you unlock them again, they are already fully completed, if you had completed them before.
    I'm sure I read other people say the same thing happened to them in the past.

    Are there some people out there whose demi quests actually reset and they were able to get SPs from them again?

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    All the people I know who got demi points reset, mentioned that the quests were not also reset.

    Personally, I wouldn't like a reset, as I've reached quite high numbers of demi points, and I consider that an achievement in itself.

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    My demi quests got locked only, quest progress remained unchanged.

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    My housemate found herself getting the rewards again as if she hadn't done the demi-quests, which she had completed. The quests themselves show complete and I just checked > her points have not reset. Every once in a while she has a pleasant surprise of FP, SP, etc. Guess that's what I was thinking of.

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