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Thread: Off-topic Rules [01/25/2018]

  1. Default Off-topic Rules [01/25/2018]

    The off-topic section can be a crazy place where logic does not always seem to exist.
    To make this place a bit less crazy, please observe the following rules:

    Rule 1: Stay on-topic
    • When replying to a thread please respect the topic of the thread you are posting in and stay on that topic.
    • Do not post in a thread simply because you -can- post in it.
    • Please only post in a thread if you mean to make an on-topic contribution.
    • Excessive off-topic posts will be subject to deletion.

    Rule 2: Mind the craziness
    • Some threads can be set up to go completely off-topic and descend into craziness.
    • There is no limit to the craziness in threads set up to go crazy in but do keep things decent please.
    • Please respect that not -all- threads are intended to descend into craziness.
    • Do -not- derail a serious discussion by going completely off-topic with craziness.

    Rule 3: Mind the necro
    • Do -not- revive an old thread simply because you -can- revive it.
    • When reviving an old thread please make a meaningful contribution to that thread
    • Some threads absolutely warrant reviving every so often.
    • Please respect that not -all- threads are meant to be revived at some point.

    Rule 4: Games should be easy to spot
    • Game threads are to be marked with a [GAME] tag before the thread/game title.
    • Don't make duplicate versions of the same game thread.
    • Duplicates or near duplicates of the same game will be subject to merger or closure.

    The above rules will be upheld as per the posting of this thread (01/25/2018).

    Please note that the above rules may be subject to change and are a reworded copy of the main forum rules.
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