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Thread: Chaos Gems and their Powers in wiki

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    I spent almost half of the tons of refine crystals I earned through Flipped, here are some updates.

    Legendary Gem values
    Guild Coin bonus
    10% orange (9% is blue, I haven't passed thru the in-between purple... I wonder if there's any value for purple? I'll never figure it out by myself, would be crazy to sacrifice a splendid 10% for the sake of knowledge :v)

    Critical Strike
    2.801% blue (new min.)

    Epic Gem values

    Increase Mass Heal
    5.2% white
    5.3% blue
    6.5% purple

    Physical Pierce
    +35 & +49 white
    +64 purple

    Evade Chances
    0.351% white
    0.846% blue

    Next stock of updates whenever I get new gems with something interesting in them
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