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Thread: Reminder to raise same issue: Please make demi prayer daily instead of 24h.

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    Gentle reminder!

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    Rude reminder!

    DO IT!

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    still not done.
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    +1 here. I support this suggestion.

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    reminder here.... missing prayers for those who work in shifts

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    At the very least, they'd cut server requests if they did 'Close Enough' as Battle Pirates does, letting players click up to 5 minutes early. I click 'a few' times while I'm waiting for the demi-prayer and item-archive timers to go down.

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    please consider those working shifts and missing alot :P

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    dear mod pls consider feedback to devs.

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    i second this...

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    It would be nice , but I think it makes sense to them to be 24h, also the 48 for azeron because you don't always have time to pray so you lose out on those stats and maybe only the devoted prayers can get those stats on time
    Mainly I think to keep you on your toes for campaign

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