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Thread: Reminder to raise same issue: Please make demi prayer daily instead of 24h.

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    You have my vote.

    I hate watching my Demi increase:
    8am to 10am
    10am to 10:30am
    10:30am to 12pm
    12pm to 2pm
    2pm to 5pm

    Then I have to miss one..... It's kind of silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wandering Alchemist View Post
    It would be nice , but I think it makes sense to them to be 24h, also the 48 for azeron because you don't always have time to pray so you lose out on those stats and maybe only the devoted prayers can get those stats on time
    Mainly I think to keep you on your toes for campaign
    "Devoted prayers"? Dedicated players will fall behind. Even if you're sitting behind a keyboard waiting for the timer to go down, you'll slowly fall behind, even if only a second each day, and miss a day.

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    Same timer as resources please..the player still gets the same reward

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    Special bump!

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    so annoying when the server downtime glitches your synchronisation of prayer/archive and crystal/resources - can see no reason why this can't be done, no one seems to object.....

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    Bump! help! help!

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    Please stop artificially bumping this thread. *

    * This is actually an old joke
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