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Thread: things we have asked for but keep getting ignored

  1. Default things we have asked for but keep getting ignored

    not sure why but many of these have been asked with no avail. so just making a newer thread to see along with my ideas, what discussion can be had to help keep the game alive/expand.

    top things:
    1. new season for 10s, 100s
    i've been told this should be a easy fix but over 2yrs later here we are. at this point i would be happy with a reset and even basic 100 sp, units and such to buy for 100s and new ia for 10s
    (suggestion: in 100 rewards maybe release general gear that would complete a 3 piece/give 3 set bonus) example would be reinhardt

    2. make higher tier gear give ia(chromus, samuel, snake and phantom sets)
    most higher lvls are just hitting for essence/campaign monsters. give them some direction or reward them for what they have already done, just seems a general progression path

    3. rework of old general abilities that are either out dated or bugged
    currently vampire generals are being used to raise zeroed gates. bug reports have been submitted and its ruining battles.

    3. better communication from devs
    i feel like we get no warning of events, whats in the works
    we get a warning of an event most of the time usually 1hr before release or when it comes out on front page. This is poor planning and kind of dumps it on us players. Most would want to make sure appropriate stash of fp are handy, maybe save up stam/energy before begins and so forth.

    also we have had no update on what devs are fixing, addressing or plan to release

    what do devs think what is keeping players here? just having a ignorant player base speculating and stewing will never give the devs the benefit of the doubt

    4. something to savage legendary gems
    right now if you roll a crap legendary its worthless. cant socket on hunter set and cant deconstruct to maybe get some value back.
    would like to see where you salvage a worthless legendary chaos gem for 1000 epic shards

    things we can only hope to get:
    1. fix tripping/roll backs in battles
    2. battle chat for 10s
    3. use for gold

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    I want baked muffins from the dev.....Since I am not getting it....I will rant about how cruel the devs are and how I could do it 50,000 times better...

    I am a 100% sure that atleast that the major spenders are not ignorant, in fact they know more about the ins and outs of the games then most of the people in the forums. They play this game because they like some part of it. some of us don't even care about sniping lands....but some people love that part of it etc.

    The game already has enough depth for those who are looking for it. Is it monotonous? Of course it is....but I for one like it... and I am sure there are several others who like it too....

    New stuff is always welcome....but it is not central atleast for me whether I keep playing the game or others feel about it? I really don't know about everyone because a large percentage of the players are not on the forums....
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    The OP isn't asking for anything new.

    Rotating seasons doesn't require introducing anything new. Just set the current scores to zero and let a new season start. Even if every last guild suddenly stopped playing, a new guild would have to score perfectly on three battles per day for 385 days straight to make it up to Vanguard. A new squad would have to do it for 400 days straight to make Vanguard. The age of the guild battle seasons creates an insane handicap for new guilds. Even if there are no new prizes, simply rotating the seasons can improve new player engagement.

    None of the other stuff is asking for anything new either. It's merely asking to fix the problems with what we already have.
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    The devs don't give a crap they won't even acknowledge the requests. milk players, more quit, Actually do what the old devs found easy to do and maybe they would get some old players back. [...]
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