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Thread: Create a Promo Pack!

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    Not any health boosting general as Excelsior, because the bonus disappears when one switches general, so why bother?

    10 Green + 10 red cristals, 60 FP, 3500 GC.
    5 Green + 5 red cristals, 60 FP and 20 SP, 3500 GC.

    NO GOLD ! Give us a few hero cristals instead... Or allow us to buy cristals (hero or colored) with our gold.

    Regarding items to reach 3 equipments, this would be nice. Maybe we should discuss this in another thread. I could see them added to the blacksmith shop. Items only for the useful generals of course. List of generals to be discussed...

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    Starter hero pack
    buy 60 FP and recieve this pack


    5 blue crystals
    5 red crystals
    5 green crystals
    1k GC
    200k gold
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    More colored crystals and no sps would be good.

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    Super Chest promo pack
    1) Rotate older chest generals like Zurran..Jera so forth..
    2) 10 Crystals each color
    3) 5k guild coins
    4) Normal bonus FP
    You could even offer it as a 2 tier pack..

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    *OK promo pack* 300fp

    Since you (Devs) like players buying fp’s, how about you make OK relevant again.

    1- One copy of Orc King (but only if you already have him)
    1- Orc King bonus gear which would give 5% extra chance of random crystal drop and 10% extra critical dmg)
    2- 20 red crystals
    3- 5k guild coins
    4- Normal bonus FP
    5- 10 sp’s

    Yeah, I know this is only for players that have OK, but hey, I think those that have him would like this. And besides why should an epic chest general be out performed by general (Barbie) anyone can get him.

    There could be players that would want him and would roll for him after seeing this. Maybe make it so that those that buy this promo pack would have a special consumable chest that when they do finally roll him they would get all the benefits of the promo pack. He would become a must have for many.

    It’s time OK gets an upgrade.
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    Orc King is actually a very important general to get people spending on refills. So including him in a promo isn't a bad idea at all.

    If you already have him, then you can promote. If you don't have him, then this would be the best chance to get him.

    Gear would be good, but should be the gear he actually drops that has his name on it. The most important reason for gear is the 10% stat boost.

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    Personally, I'd like to see an Epic Chest Promo with the 300FP pack. Can use in any chest, to get 1 of the 4 possible epics.

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    hOW ABOUT A GLOVE AND SHIELD FOR dEIANIRA. Deianira needs 2 more "items" to get her 10% bonus.
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    What a player need is FP, crystals, guild coins, chest rolls, effective generals and better gear. Having plus or minus 10 stat does not change much when you are at higher levels. So I would suggest putting rewarding player with the same amount of FP bought by player. This promo pack should exist for a very short duration(maybe 1 or 2 weeks. If you keep it too long It will lose Its effect). Or, reward half the amount of FP bought and some guild coins instead. Guild coin reward again should be a multiplier of the amount of FP bought. You can reward 10, 15 or 20 times of FP bought as reward. It is up to Devs to decide.

    Here is how It should look :

    Buy X amount of FP and get X amount FP as reward + 2 rolls
    Buy X amount of FP and get 1/2X amount FP + 10/15/20xX Guild Coins as reward + 2 rolls
    Buy X amount of FP and get 1/3X amount FP + 10/15/20xX GCs + 5 Hero Crystals + 5 Red Crystal + 5 Green Crystals + 5 Blue Crystals + 2 Rolls

    I Dont think Devs would gift Valuable generals as reward for buying FP because generals are the soul reason why we want to buy FP. We all want better generals to increase our battle efficiency. That is why I doubt Promo packs would go beyond what is suggested up above. However, equipment is not like that. There are hundreds of choices. So adding one more does not affect much. I think It could be possible to add an attractive item for one of most used generals. This way It would not affect game play much and would give some players a reason to spend some on FP.

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    60 - 90 FPs (always from 30 to 30 cos that means a chest or an Oracle general)
    2k - 5k Guild coins
    5 - 10 Red, Green and Blue Evolution Crystals

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