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Thread: Create a Promo Pack!

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    Hey everyone,

    Give me some ideas for a promo pack! Leave your ideas in this thread. We'll be giving away some Chest Rolls to a couple lucky participants, so leave your Army Code as well!

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    This is a suggestion thread for what goes into a promo pack, not a suggestion thread for new game mechanics. Moved posts accordingly.
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    I suggest a Deianira promo pack, with her as general and colored crystals in it army code AB9905

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    I would like to see a Guild Battle Booster promo with Deianira as well. Possibly with hero crystals, colored crystals and guild coins. Some iron would be nice too. 79D25C

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    Deinira or Excelsior
    3000 Guild Coins
    60 FP
    5 of each color Potion or Crystals

    Oh, and 1,000,000 gold.

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    Defenantly include 5000+ ore

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    just do all a favor: get the gold out the really is the most annoying thing to see highlighted in any promo pack. and the most useless item in the game.their is nothing to buy in the game off any use and many if not most have a hourly income like mine or higher : so getting 100.000 more off them to have no use for is pointless. and even less than many earn in 1 second.or 1 click and the time the blue ball swirls ��
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    if im not mistaken, same thread was created by Ghost a few months back... but nothing materialized... what is the point of another 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leebs View Post
    if im not mistaken, same thread was created by Ghost a few months back... but nothing materialized... what is the point of another 1.
    Agree, enough feedback was given and yet they spit out the same useless general pack
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    My response on the FB feed. I like chest rolls, crystals, potions, favor points, guild coins, and skill points. (The gold you can have.) How about in addition you look into filling in the equipment for heroes that are missing theirs, (in many cases everything.) It could start with just the original heroes. Yes I know, useless right? But no more than another Athenia or Theorin. I believe that Darius is the only regular hero with everything filled in, a few others have all but one. You show two (Celesta, and Edea) with an item each, but no way to get them. How about stuff for the Demigods, maybe making them a bit more relevant (they are Demigods after all.) I know It must be a bit pricey to generate new art, but new players could use the boost, and older ones will want to collect. My 2 cents.

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