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Thread: Why is there no attack general with an ability like azriel?

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    Default Why is there no attack general with an ability like azriel?

    In before people yelling there is no defense version of malekus.....azriel phys rest is worth way more than a single star malekus.....and is way cheaper to activate and be relevant....

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    I dont know if u mean something else, but there's Remiel as atk version of Azriel.
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    I have a memory of a goat.....i stand corrected.....i will try to fact check before i post....

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    When originally released, Ambrosia countered Malekus's ability. No idea what it is now. Free energy I think? Which is just dumb.
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    Azzy go her ability updated long after her inclusion in the game to match with Remiel which is the physical pierce version (better cause oracle general) of her.

    Malekus is the completely unmatched general for now reason at all

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