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Thread: 5/19/2017 Contest

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    Engineer path in conquest - nothing I love more

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    Join a 10vs10 battle close to the end, and defeat the enemy currently winning, with just my 2 warriors
    I wish the chat was enabled in 10vs10, because they could express their frustration when this happens
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    Winning in any battle vs. an apparent stronger opponent, through communication and strategic teamwork in our guild, or by strategic and well-timed gate lifts at the very end of battle.

    Or, being a complete PITA to the uber-strong guilds that are so big in level and strength that only about 10 other guilds are a viable match against them... being a PITA by intimidation, or by "robbing" them of farm time by suiciding so they don't get the full 5 hours of farming they "promise", or by confusing and polying any we can, especially on Tuesdays.

    Working with friends to save a monster that is at risk of failure.

    The friendships that developed in guilds and groups, especially back in the days of CTAs for monsters.

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    Sniping - not of "gifts" where only my guild has the link, but those in plain view on the list, competing against everyone. Elite AED are a favourite. I do appreciate the sarcastic contribution of doing the engineering is horrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Tallis View Post
    I'd have to say casting intimidate as a rogue in battle, especially when someone has spent all battle getting there enrage or divine favour up makes me �� and

    Yours vindictively Adam
    I was rereading the thread, this made me spit my drink out!
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