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Thread: Give VoV his Monkey King General

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaKowalewski View Post
    As you know the Meteorite was a recent and competitive Castle Age event. Only top ranks were given the limited edition Monkey King general. I enjoyed belonging to VoV guild, where we all got to relax and play as monkehs... Many of you here are long time players, and may already know Nate. Nate is a long time player and helped so many as he created VoV, which was a top guild for a long time. As being a VoV member, I can tell you he was always there for us to banter with, learn from, and have fun! (He also just helped get my account here unbanned, thank you!). I consider him one of my top friends in Facebook, and in Castle Age, you'll never find another Nate, or Monkeh King.

    Monkey King General is a tribute to HIM as he is the MONKEY KING, but he tried to earn him during promotion but was outspent by others. Again only a limited number was given him despite spending your whole day playing Castle Age. Please see that who this general was honoring, actually gets one!
    This last part is the one I've always hated about CA, spenders even tough they are needed, always go overboard in events like this and arenas...

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    Create a vote in forum and FB, let's see how many people are willing to see VoV get a free monkey king.

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    Nice to see this thread. Half the reason I pushed in this event was for Nate. The other half was cuz my build.

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    This thread will remain. We are Spartacus.
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