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Thread: Meteorite .. Game of Predictions! :)

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    coming eventually ?

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    I predict it happens on July 7th.
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    wonder if the delay haz anything to do with the cheating thread....perhaps whatever the new event is, there trying to make sure there is no way to cheat in it

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    I'm getting a little concerned about the direction of original content.

    The first General released by the new Devs is named Guinevere, possibly the most famous medieval lady not already somehow connected to the game (I'm considering Joan a hat tip to Joan of Arc and thus already utilized). Now it seems that the Devs decided to make a monkey and opened the dictionary to the M section and just picked a random word to name the thing. I'm worried that we're going to get a general that looks like a cougar and name it Coffee Table.

    Like the idea of a new season of 100v. That has to be the least amount of work, right? Just reset the season and roll out a few new items and a new General plus offer a few other generals (please be Deianira please be Deianira please be Deianira). That would certainly be simple enough yet well received.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CastleAgeBrock View Post
    I'm getting a little concerned about the direction of original content.
    Sometimes I feel too much of Iced Mint-tea makes my thinking process slower than it should be! LOL
    It seems like whenever I think about something or an idea / concept ... I discover someone beats me to it!
    hehehehehe ... aging signs I suppose :P LOL

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    If the event is going to be delayed for a bit, maybe you could go ahead and release the new mage Oracle general the old devs created before they left.

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