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If there was a rez behind then several things could have happened. A loss by someone in the mostly dead gate to a mage could have popped the rez. Then its mass heal and welcome back gate.
Some mage in your team may have burned it without realising
In our case, the person with the rez wasn't popped. That defender had exactly 61 health (with a rez) both before and after. They were also only level 713, so most of our mages could beat them. #10 to #16 and #24 all had exactly 8 health before and after. #17 had 127 health before and after as well. Everybody in the gate except for #18 through #23 had the exact same health as they did before. Our mages weren't attacking because we didn't have tokens: Everybody online was out of tokens and nervously watching the gate. If any of us had two tokens to rub together, they would've killed the person with the rez. I suspect we were able to squash the gate because the mass heal took long enough to show up that most of us had finished regenerating one token and were waiting for a second when we noticed the mass heal at the bottom of the gate. We were watching the gate closely because we ran out of tokens before being able to remove rez and finish the gate. Otherwise, we would've figured that we missed a rez and we wouldn't have been sure that it was a bug.

The bug was very obviously clear. The only thing that would've made it more clear is if we took the time to check the attack log. I also wish we could've been able to figure out exactly how long it took for that mass heal to show up. It felt like minutes. It was long enough that multiple officers reported that there was only that one revive left in the gate and for people to respond that they're out of tokens. Based on us being able to squash the mass heal, it was probably long enough that many of us had already regenerated one token, but not long enough that anybody regenerated two tokens because someone would've killed that rez if people could've regenerated two tokens. Still, it's clear from looking at the gate that a mass heal showed up after the person dropped under 200 health.

In retrospect, it's clear that there's a bug with delayed actions in battle. In fact, a dev already confirmed this before, except that the specific confirmation was that tokens were being counted after battle ended. People would finish battle one way and collect, but then they'd come back later and see that the battle results were the opposite of what they had thought because more tokens had gone through after the end of battle. So, it's possible that the delayed action bug still isn't fixed. The question I have is what's the maximum wait for a delayed action? How many minutes after a gate closes that we need to keep watching for delayed actions?

By the way, Gaea support said (about a month ago) that they know about the problem and they're working to fix it.

Also, if Gaea knows that this is a problem, maybe that's why we can't have new battle seasons. If there's a new season and people have a renewed interest in battle, then more battles are likely to be close enough for the delayed action bug to make people very upset. Right now, with most battles not being very close, the delayed action bug is affecting few enough battles that few have seen it, most who have seen it aren't sure that they didn't miss a rez, and most players can ignore or outright deny that the bug even exists.