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    Our world needs more positive. I don't care how commonplace it may seem, if it was a good moment, tell us about it. What was the best thing to happen to you today. Come back tomorrow and tell us again. Let's make this thread an oasis of wonderful.

    I will start:
    I met an older neighbor who taught me a lesson about life--about how we can think of our weekends as a finite number just like money, so then we can think of how we want to spend them and who we want to spend them with. I am choosing to spend them with people I love. I went away from the neighbor's house feeling like the meaning of life had shifted just a bit for me. It was a good feeling.

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    today, after about 5 yrs, i finally eat nasi padang again..
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    We are all one with the all great banana!

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    Well I tried keisuke ramen with all toppings, no regrets!

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    I woke up at lunchtime and my room mate cooked curry.

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    Today I surprised someone I barely know for her birthday, and her reaction was so joyful that I was ecstatic myself. I wonder if this is how the Publishers Clearinghouse people feel when they get to hand someone an over-sized check.

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    I haz clearance Valentine's candy.

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    I was surprised with a lovely gift from some of my neighborhood ladies. I now have a sarong.

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