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Thread: CA App is crashing LAST 5 Minutes

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    Can you give me your phone specs?

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    Phone specs? Here are my three CA army codes. 744C72 5A39D8 602B52. I use all 3 in every battle and use my 3 e-mails to switch from one account to another. I used to use iPhone link. Top link of my sign in options. For my oldest CA character (744C72)....2. FaceBook link for (5A39D8). And Castle Age link for (602B52)....Now I use CA link for all three, which requires an e-mail address and password for each. This is time consuming which slowed down my response time in battle. My crashing is reoccuring at the end of battles, mainly. Lately, I have been unable to sign in properly. I try to use iPhone link. I get new CA, new user link. Nearly all the time. Mostly after my iPhone has shut down for a while. So I got clever. I went through all the new player stuff, and created a brand new character. I put "D" my new toon, in my guild. So hopefully this would end my log-in problems. It worked! Until I woke up this morning. I opened the log-in page, and there was the iPhone link....I clicked on it (hoping to get my little "D"), and I was crushed to see a brand new page for a brand new account! My little "D" was gone! (Still in my guild though). So I reboot my phone. Check my new wifi. And try to log-in. BLACKSCREEN! Again. It would take me another hour to explain further. Please help
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    I have done all I can do on my end. I believe the problem is that your devs have integrated facebook into ios login and the castleage login on my iPhone. I assume all iPhones. FaceBook should be linked only to the FaceBook login link on my ios system. I use an iPad also. I need to log-out and log-on in FaceBook to attempt a login on CA. Sometimes a blackscreen. Sometimes a login error. And sometimes a server error. I don't know what else or how to express my login problems. Oh yea... my CA connection times out all the time. Even after re-booting my device and re-booting FaceBook. After I get CA up and running....playing the game, doing guild battles, or even spending time sending chats to each of my guild members....It is inevetable that the time will expire and I get blackscreened, booted off, unable to complete my tasks. Talk to find a solution. Many members are quiting. I read players comments in the CA application page in FaceBook

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    OK.....I found the problem! Are you ready? FaceBook is the problem. The CA link to FaceBook....If I use my e-mail address and password for each CA problem. But! If I use the CA FaceBook link....All go's nuts. New, virgin, CA links pop-up when I click on iPhone (CA) link. I get server warnings. I get log-in warnings. I must reboot my iPhone to get things to settle down. Funny thing though. This happens on my iPhone, and not on my iPad. My very first CA acct. was started on my iPhone 5. When I upgraded my iPhone to 6S Plus, I had to start a new CA account. So CA ties into a new device with a new CA account. My third acct. was started when I started using my "new", iPad! So.... I am forced to logging out of FaceBook on my iPhone. Then sign in to CA, with a separate e-mail address for each acct. It is time consuming, but much better than CA and FaceBook crashing.
    A couple guildmates lost one of their accounts because they forgot the password for their second acct. And I have seen many other people on FaceBook losing track of their passwords, and thus losing a valuable CA acct.
    You see, we get used to using the CA sign in page to remember for us. Thus forgetting the original password. As soon as we up-grade our iPhone...The trouble begins....
    Please let me know if you were able to resolve this issue.

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    Just to confirm have you upgraded to the latest ios version?

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