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Thread: Unable to see new promo pack (Chaos Promo Pack)

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    Default Unable to see new promo pack (Chaos Promo Pack)

    My two mini's can see the promo but my main cannot on both web3 and iOS app (my funds are on iOS app).

    My main bought the last promo while my two mini's did not make said purchase. Not thrilled about chaos shards but would like wood & iron, 5 SP, and bonus FP.

    Please help.

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    Can't see it either. I need shards instead
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    i have an ios mini that can see it on web 3, i dont buy promos with it.

    my main cannot see it on any platform, i did buy the last promo on dec 27th??

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    I did not buy the stone cold promo and can't see the chaos one.

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    I did buy the last promo and I can not see the current one on any of my 3 , 2 iOS 1 FB
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    When the most recent promo came out, I wasn't able to view the Chaos promo. Once I bought the most recent promo then the Chaos promo reappeared. Which I also bought. Sadly. Need those pesky GCs...
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    Ugh... Wish I could get it again -_-
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    glad to see everything remains the same, could not see last chaos promo, cannotsee this one, lol expectations will be same now, you will do nothing about it, write and say something vague - i.e. - we are looking into the problem. - and let everything go until next promo comes our, ol same as before

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    There's only ever been one chaos promo.

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