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Thread: RIP Demolition_Army

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    Default RIP Demolition_Army

    Let's all take a moment of silence for the biggest guild ever existed in CA.

    The guild that made the most multicollecting in AoA and A.Vincents in order to be #1 in monster leaderboard.
    The guild that had a GM asking for everyone to find a mate of different time zone and exchange passes.
    The guild that made hitlists of persons that their GM didnt like cause they were disrespectful to their grace.
    The guild that had their GM was suspended for weeks for playing with autoplayer and chaining people.
    The guild that moved to ios as soon as they had their butts kicked in fb platform festival battles.
    The guild that merged with K.O. to outnumber the competition.
    The guild with the most bought accounts.
    The guild with dead people accounts.
    The guild with the most password sharing than anyone else.
    THe guild with the lower ratio of real people playing / active accounts.

    You will be missed DA...NOT

    PS: I know they had some nice people and players i have been friends for years but the leadership of this guild is known for years for the way that played the game, no excuses for being in such a lame guild.
    PS: Move to Colosseum, still no coffee taken
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    Whats this got to do with suggestions??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larx Outcome View Post
    Whats this got to do with suggestions??
    Nothing at all, suggestions happens to be under colosseum, i missclicked and posted in wrong section, at least some mod saw my message and moved it.

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    someone is salty

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    The guild disbanded?

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    Nobody cares?

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    I sure don't.......that they disbanded

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    And while we are noting fallen guilds, we did a match against Die Nasty today and they only had 48 players in 2 gates, can a merge be far away?

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    Aren't you in a guild named after a dude that faked his own death?

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    We had a match up against a guild with 23 people a few weeks ago, on tuesday triple coin day.
    A guild of 99 vs 23 and we lost!
    And incredibly all are clerics with katherine equipped and level 800-900 in that guild, while our guild have some huge reindeers, unicorns, and walls with at least 200 resistance.

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