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Thread: Castle age wiki update

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    Gem Powers tables edited to include coloured ranges. Added all the values by colour I knew.
    Additional Powers table is now extremely heavy, and editing it is annoying. Ideas welcome. Maybe split the table into separate table for each power, but would it be any better then?

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    Whoa, I see what you mean. The table is really busy. I wonder if there is a way to highlight the overall values and those sub ones based on color is more of a collapsible field.

    I updated what I had.
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    I would like to provide more data for Chaos Campaign page, related to values of special powers for gems. I know there's a link to a spreadsheet in the notes, but I really don't understand how to "use" it... where and how to place information, exactly. It's chaotic - well, it's about Chaos gems... sorry
    If I place information in a post here in this forum thread, information that can be useful (so ok, I'll pay attention to not include what we know already), is that ok? Otherwise, please tell me how can I help more precisely. Meanwhile, I'll start gathering some data

    Also, I believe we can gather Aggressive/Defensive/Balanced General Boost into one only group, we don't know for sure if they have the same range but I believe it's the most intuitive thing. This way we could simplify the data gathering a little bit.
    Same thing for Base Attack/Base Defense. edit: Nevermind. base attack and base defense do not share the same range, apparently. 6.9% base defense on an epic gem is considered purple. 7% and 8% base attack on an epic gem are considered blue. Okay then, I guess I'll collect data with the difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryugirox View Post
    I would like to provide more data for Chaos Campaign page, related to values of special powers for gems.
    I don't know about the spreadsheet. That is, I hope spreadsheet maintainer does occasionally update wiki based on new information, but I don't know if it's being done.

    I will occasionally check comments in wiki and posts here on forum, and update wiki accordingly.

    I had assumed physical pierce/resistance have same value range, as well as base attack/defense boosts, and also agg/bal/def general boosts. Refine proved me wrong though, showing clearly that there's more base attack available than there's base defense. This is not totally unexpected as it's been the way CA works: attack is favoured over defense in many places. Anyway, need to track them all separately for now.

    Elandal [FIN] ΛĢ 8218DD

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    Thank you Elandal, as usual. I'll post updates here just because it's easier to read than in wikia's comments.
    Rather than being checked or not, the spreadsheet lacks of guidelines on how to submit information. Sort of.

    These are new minimum or maximum I found that are not shown among the ranges in the grid. Something like +24/28 means that I have found both a new current min and max. value. The gem they belong to are listed as Common, Rare, etc. and powers properties are listed by text color.

    Physical Pierce
    Common +13 white +25 blue
    Rare +24/28 white +46 blue

    Physical Resistance
    Rare +18 white +40 purple
    Epic +23 white +55 purple

    Base Defense
    Epic +6.9% purple

    Balanced General Boost
    Common 1% white 1.762% blue
    Rare 1.94% white
    Epic 5.143% white 5.941% blue 6.37% purple

    Defensive General Boost
    Rare 1.29% white
    Epic 6.55% purple

    Guild Coin Bonus
    Common 2% blue 2.3% purple
    Rare 3.4% white
    Epic 7% purple
    Leg. 9% blue

    Energy to Defense (honestly, I'm not sure how the ranges are working here - I did not delete any info)
    Common -28 to +39 white -19 to +43 blue
    Rare -39/65 to +55/68 white
    Epic -43/85 to +74/81 white -??* to +110 blue
    * I lost track of it

    Damage to Whirlwind
    Common 8 white

    Chance to Evade
    Common 0.37% white

    Health to Heal
    Rare 21 blue
    Epic 20/26 white 33 blue

    Chance to Polymorph
    Rare 3% white

    Increase Mass heal
    Rare 4/6% blue
    Epic 5% blue

    Critical Strike
    Common 0.7% white 1.15% blue
    Rare 1.34/1.65% blue
    Epic 1.79% blue
    Leg. 2.547% white

    Please note that some values here between mine are listed under a certain range, while under another in the grid. I'm not sure if a same-looking value can appear in both an epic and rare range of a gem, or if there has been a mistake on collecting data (I checked mine accurately). Like for instance Mass Heal, on my epic gem it's marked as blue (rare) when 5%, but according to data in the wikia grid 5% belongs to white (common). Who knows if perhaps the game shows an integer but the real value has decimals. Or human mistake.
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