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Thread: Castle age wiki update

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    You guys deserve a special forum title for updating this! I know a lot of new players get excited when realize how helpful the wiki is.

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    Thank you all so much for keeping the wiki up-to-date!

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    Back again


    - Added chart at the beginning with most useful info.
    - Updated thresholds.
    - Moved Lore to a collapsible tab and changed font type to default.
    - Moved Alchemies to their own section.
    - Created an "Item archives section" just in case (if I am not wrong, none of this monter's items are on the IA yet)
    - Several minor tweaks.
    - No info was deleted (just rewritten or moved)

    NOTE: the text string for chat is just below the chart, at the very beginning of the page for fast reach. I don't think it doesn't need to be added again after the loot section.

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    - Did the usual changes and updated thresholds based on data from the spreadsheet. Now they are more accurate (please note that damage for "99% - 2 epics" has increased)

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