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    Eagles have been around since the beginning we are a strong guild that plays with the best.

    Eagles are strong and independent, the best guild of its type in the game.


    Average level about 1300, monsters, HvH, TvT, FBB, LOE, DLOE, LOM, DLOM all aspects of the game in play, multiple timezones available in TvT (70% US, 20% Euro, 10% Australia)

    Ranked top 50 vanguard battle, Vanguard TVT and top 10 monster hunting. Only a very few guilds can beat us in battle..

    Our Players
    We are 100% active. Everyone hits monster and everyone battles..
    Its a game. The only reason you are here is because its fun. Real life comes first.
    We want you to grow. Play the class you like.
    Vanguard everything, top guild rewards in arena so maximum benefit to players.
    Guild is mature, we don't need the drama.

    We fight the best if your smaller you will struggle. Strong toons have lots of opportunity for 240's.

    Most of our toons are doing hard campaigns for the rewards.

    HvH last 3 times. Generally 45-75 min when we win.
    FBB runs continuously, Three collects on triple Tuesdays with full timer to maximize coin.
    TvT squads in East coast, euro, and aussie.
    DLOE and LOE run continuously for achievements.

    Officers & Communications
    Officers are there for Player benefit and to help make the player experience enjoyable.
    Officers must use line to communicate with other officers
    Communications both through guild chat and Line, about half the guild uses Line.

    LOM monsters include Snake, Orc Host, Rats, Thanny, etc..
    Hard lands run back to back and Snake legendary damage available to anyone.
    In addition to guild monsters, we run two cross-guild line groups:
    -- Hunters (slow kill) mostly new high-cost monsters and rats
    -- Bashers (fast kill) anything needing to die

    Mist Lands
    We hold 95% hero crystal collect all the time, been 18-24 lands
    Other guilds lands are far easier to take than ours, and we lose very few.

    If interested, will get you into the tank or PM army code so you can be invited, or find us on page 1 of IOS monster list and get into the tank, or send me army code and info. There is not always room, but spots do free up as people stop playing..
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    Quote Originally Posted by retribution@gmail View Post
    NOT recruiting right now... Appears that we are 100% active...
    What happened to the disclaimer that applicants must be able to tolerate "strong" women in the guild?

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    but are u even good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bestamongsttheworst View Post
    What happened to the disclaimer that applicants must be able to tolerate "strong" women in the guild?
    Haha, that would be a good disclaimer. I notice this guild has former Slayers and ASS-YLUM/SKULL members. They tend to jump guilds a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Padaxan View Post
    You know ETA's are a fool hearty exercise. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

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