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Thread: Looking for low (sub 200) level players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larx Outcome View Post
    2 in works, 1 hydra alone, 1 hydra an hord
    u ok if i stop levelling at 10? Gonna work towards my 100 bsi.

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    Not a problem, holding space should get us better battles

    Ummm 100bsi?

    posted both of our army codes on your game wall, accept and we can send you usable item gifts
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    Bump up.

    I can hold my own in battle with most guilds we run into in battle "Updated"

    Will Cochrane: 5:06AM 4/1/2017
    Att - 8261 (+3456) Def - 6550 (+1928)
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    Openings for retirees and parkers

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    nice stats look very close the mine,(no pain/no gain :-) ) but looks like you stil have a nice many "easy" IA points to gain/harvest?

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    We do win 98% of all classic GB's and when I run them, 10v and 100v are near 90% sometimes we do draw a decent guild.

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    Bumpity up, bumpity up

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    I may be leveling minime to 30 to get the next territory! What is the level to be able to do conquest duel btw?

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    Level 80 according to wiki

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will Cochrane View Post
    Level 80 according to wiki

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