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Thread: Guide: Slow Kill Groups

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    Default Guide: Slow Kill Groups

    So you want a particular piece of gear and public monsters are a drag because of their unpredictability. Then you join a slow kill group to make life easier but you don't know what the hell is going on and how to get into those monsters.

    Never fear, this guide will help familiarize you to slow kill (SK) groups in general so you know what to look out for

    Benefits of a SK group over public monsters
    • Someone to summon for you
    • (Usually) the monster is fully strengthened
    • Guranteed time to do your damage
    • Slayer(s) on tap to kill the monster if needed (usually)

    Phase 1: The Signups
    Wondering how to get your hands on a monster code? Well there are 2 main methods groups use to distribute the monster code, with or without signups

    Signups BEFORE summoning
    Someone (usually an admin) will create a file for people to register, it'll look something like this

    As you can see, 10 people have already signed up and the monster is full (more on that below)

    The goal of the signups is to ensure that there is enough interest BEFORE the monster is summoned. The admin is waiting for one of 2 things, either a specific number of people have signed up, or a minimum number of people have signed up BEFORE the deadline.

    No Signups before summoning

    Sometimes a group will just post the monster code and let people join, as you can see there is a lot of information accompanying the post but we'll get to it in a later phase

    Hybrid System: Signups after summoning

    Some groups opt to use a hybrid system where the monster is summoned and people join based on the provided monster code; once a threshold is reached (usually number of joiners) the code is removed

    Phase 2
    So there you have it, you signed up for and are now in the monster? Now what besides hitting to your hearts content?

    Turns out you need to know the following also

    Usually the summoner will strengthen but sometimes they will ask for help

    Deflection and Healing
    Always heal after you hit, most groups frown upon non healers. Deflection also usually should not fail

    Crippling is monster dependent, some groups do it and some don't, always check to make sure you know what to do when the cripple bar comes up

    CTA and Siege
    As with cripple, check to make sure if you are allowed to click siege and CTA, sometimes you might be asked to launch say the first weapon and only the first weapon, check and follow

    Min and Max Damage
    Always try to be within the min and max (sometimes they call the max the cap), cap breaking is only just behind non healers in the top the list of peeves for admins

    Now look at this pic again and see if you can get the required information that you just learnt about from this single post

    Phase 3: Time to die
    Phase 3 differs from group to group but usually happens at the 48hour mark and below. Its usually advised to get your damage in before this phase as the monster can go down very quickly. What usually happens is:

    CTA and Siege
    Usually once phase 3 starts clicking siege will be allowed if it wasn't already, CTAs may also be encouraged

    Cap Lifting
    The cap on the monster may also be lifted, check the rules and especially the monster chat as an admin will announce the lifting of the cap there if not specified earlier

    Slayer Intervention
    This is usually the time slayers get involved, so make sure your damage is in by then because the monster can die anytime!

    On Summoning
    Summoning is a tricky thing, some groups encourage anyone to contribute to summoning but some groups strictly only allow certain pre approved people to summon. Usually as a newbie to SK groups you will not be doing much summoning; however if you are in need of a monster and impatient some groups allow summons only if the previous monster is full. As always, check to make sure you are allowed to before summoning.
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